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We are Wildfire Technology Consulting

We are great problem solvers but not the greatest marketers hence you have probably never heard of us. We were founded in 2003 so we have been here a while. In that time we have worked with some really big names you will have heard of. We helped them meet their technology challenges and we are here to help you with yours. If you are struggling with any of the following, please get in touch, we love meeting new people.

How can we help?

Systems Integration

Are your systems disconnected? Do you use your valuable people to bridge the gaps? Would you like your systems to communicate better? We can connect them for you, improving efficiency and productivity, freeing your team to do what they do best.

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Web sites and Content Management

Is your website working? Has it been sacrificed on the altar of social media? Would you like to take back control of your messaging and marketing while still leveraging the power of the social? We can help you get your website into shape and running at full power.

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Application Design and Development

Would your business benefit from a new custom application but you don't know where to start? We will work with you to define your requirements and plan the development. We can then take on the development phase or find you the perfect app developer for your needs.

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Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to adopt AI for your business but aren't sure where to start? We can help pick the right tools and integrate them into your current systems ensuring you get maximum growth from your investment.

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Outsourcing and Management

Are you struggling to find the right tech partner for your business? We can help you fine tune your requirements and find the suppliers you need to meet your challenges and build your business.

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Customer Relationships and Sales Systems (CRM)

Do you have a CRM that's not working for you? Do you need one? Is your "sales system" a pile of business cards and scraps of paper? Do you have many spreadsheets but nothing to connect them together? We can help you find and configure the best tools for your business.

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Resource Management across your business

Is your team working too hard? Are your current systems creaking and failing to communicate? Has your business experienced rapid growth but failed to systemise as you go? Are you struggling to see how your business is doing? You may need to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

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Embracing Green Technology

Do you want to make your business greener and reduce it's carbon footprint? From energy saving web sites to choosing the right sustainable technologies we are here to help you and your business go green.

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Who have we helped?

Arnold Clark

Arnold Clark Logo We integrated Arnold Clark's stock systems while removing publishing bottlenecks enabling them to manage their message, win awards and sell cars online.

Arnold Clark

Arnold Clark Logo We built a bespoke stock management system for Arnold Clark. It enabled them to produce high quality ads in seconds and deliver them to multiple online and offline channels.


TEFL.COM Logo We rewrote the TEFL.COM job board freeing them to add the functionality needed to grow their business.


TEFL.COM Logo We helped TEFL.COM go mobile with an app and website that helped them to reach a wider audience of teachers.

Veterans Scotland

Veterans Scotland Logo We managed the digital transformation of Veteran Scotland's housing applications allowing them to move from paper to online.

Startline Motor Finance

Startline Logo We helped Startline process car finance applications quicker by integrating their systems with third party data providers.

Wagging Tails

Wagging Tails Logo We tailored a CRM solution that massively simplified Wagging Tails franchise tasks, making everyday jobs quicker and slashing admin time.

Craft Scotland

Craft Scotland Logo We created a directory of our nations' makers for Craft Scotland. It featured a bespoke ecommerce system enabling makers to manage their listings and sell online.

Doc Department

Doc-Department Logo We produced a documentation management and contextual help delivery system for Doc-Department allowing them to rapidly deliver better content to their clients.


Elmwood Logo We made a top secret Coach Finder to help one of Elmwood's major multinational clients weather a take over storm. We are still not allowed to talk about it.

The Union

The Union Logo We provided The Union with digital services helping them deliver quality web and ecommerce solutions to their clients.

Care & Repair Forum

Care and Repair Logo We designed and developed a support portal for Care and Repair's elderly and disabled homeowners.

110 Sport

110 Sport Logo We delivered a video management system to run an online TV channel for 110 Sport.